Why I’m Finally Joining The Spinning Revolution

Before I start talking about my experience at One 10 Cycle, I need to make a confession. I, an active 24 year old woman, cannot ride a bike. I never have been able to, I may well never be able to. So unsurprisingly I’ve had my reservations about spin classes and had managed to avoid them up until this point.

HOWEVER, on one very early Wednesday morning a couple of weeks ago, One Ten managed to lure me in with the promise of an upbeat party cycle class and it has completely changed my spin-pinion! I loved it!!! Let me tell you why…..

If, like me, you’ve got the image of spinning being 20 sweaty men, pedalling intensely in a hot box room for 60 minutes whilst an instructor keeps shouting at you to pedal faster, you will be amazed at how different spinning at One 10 studio is!

As I entered the studio, I was greeted by lots of smiling faces and offered my choice of protein shake or smoothie for post-class, I was given some funny little spin shoes in my size and a bottle of water (Fiji of course) and was directed downstairs to the luxurious changing rooms and spin areas. The place had an edgy feel, dark and mysterious but with motivational quotes dotted on walls and stairs (you just need to look at my desk, bedroom or Insta-feed to know how much I love an inspirational quote)!

I packed my stuff away securely in to a locker, slipped in to my little cycling sneaks and head in to the studio. To my dread, I was allocated the bike right at the front in the middle, directly facing the instructor, Kate, who would no doubt watch my struggles for the next 45 minutes….. (It turns out being in the middle front was actually so much fun and gave me a great view of the instructor so I could follow all the moves)!

An assistant helped me set up my bike, clip in my shoes and get comfy. After a little bit, the lights dimmed and the party started! Neon club lights pulsed with the music, Kate was energetically running around the floor getting us hyped for the class to come and the playlist was on fire! Any fitness event that plays Beyoncé gets a big tick of approval from me – well done One 10 DJ!

The actual spinning itself involved different elements like slow and heavy bouts, light sprinting bouts, ab-crunching push-up dips in your seat, booty-building sit down-stand ups….we even had dumbbells on our bikes and did a resistance arm workout whilst pedalling! I did not imagine it’d be such an all over body workout. Neither did I expect to be quite as sweaty as I was – it was definitely not a workout for the faint hearted.

After my class, I had to make a quick getaway to get to meetings but I picked up my well-deserved protein shake (chocolate peanut butter coffee anyone?!), a good bag containing some amazing stash, and head out the door thanking everyone in my path! (They were all still smiling!)

I felt pretty euphoric for the rest of the day, seriously proud of myself for a) surviving my first spin class and b) absolutely smashing it if I do say so myself. The 48 hour DOMS are definitely another sign that I worked out hard, my abs, quads, glutes, and arms – everywhere was sore for days haha! But in a good way, soreness = satisfying and strong!

The next week, after a long weekend away, I braved the proper cyclist’s class (Paceline – Nirvana is the party class!) and I enjoyed it a little less as I am a novice at best at cycling and it was a bit much for me! But if you’re a keen cyclist and love a challenging spin class – this will be right up your street!

Overall, I had an amazing time at the One 10 launch! The studio is gorgeous and amazingly located in the heart of Marylebone, the classes are a total body intense workout that leaves you feel energetic and so strong afterwards, the music was amazing, the protein shake bar offers a much appreciated protein/hydration hit and the people were all super friendly and helpful!

So if you’re avoiding spinning for its old boring reputation or are stuck in a class that doesn’t make you want to stand in your seat and belt out ‘WHO RUNS THE WORLD GIRLS’, I would highly recommend you jump on the spin-party bandwagon that is One 10 and experience the cycle-fun revolution for yourself!!

As always, thanks for reading my blog post. If you’ve got any questions about One 10 or any feedback, I’d love to hear! You can comment below, drop me an email or send me an Instagram DM! Lots of love xx

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