Why We All Deserve To Feel Confident #RealBeauty

I was recently sent a little parcel from Dove about a new campaign that they’re running #RealBeauty and I was so completely floored by the pureness and the message that they preached that I had to blog about it immediately (as in, I literally opened the parcel 7 minutes ago…) Read on to find out why Dove and I think that everybody is beautiful.

Let me start by saying that I have not always felt beautiful. I have struggled with my mental health, with self-esteem and confidence and it is not a nice feeling at all. It is so important to me that my blog and my ‘influence’ is being used for good and I genuinely feel that my purpose in life is to help people in a way that makes them feel empowered, confident and happy because I know how rubbish it is to not feel that way.

I’m just going to tell you a little about this Dove campaign now, I hope you think it’s as beautiful as I do, and then I’ll tell you more about why this is so important to me and what we can all do together to help raise up our sisters around us!

“Dove has championed real beauty for decades and understands real beauty and the intricacies of women. Dove is bringing this mantra to life through one of its most iconic products – Body Wash. Dove has created six NEW Limited Edition Dove Body Washes designed to represent the diversity of beauty. Each bottle evokes the inimitable shapes, sizes, curves and edges that combine to make every woman their very own limited edition.”

I think that is so amazing and I am so proud of Dove for putting something tangible and undeniable out there to spread their message.

Each woman IS beautiful. We are constantly bombarded with body ideals, workouts to get a bigger bum, diets to lose 5lb and celebrity mums who are back in their size 2 jeans fresh out the hospital. It is confusing and overwhelming and, although there are a lot of great messages out there, it’s still hard to feel confident in a world where body shapes are still considered a ‘trend’ and if you’re not it then you’re not hot.

Don’t get me wrong, I love health and fitness, so I wouldn’t recommend you deliberately become morbidly obese because your organs might become at risk of disease etc. BUT you deserve to feel beautiful no matter what shape or size you are, full stop. I have stretch marks, I have tummy rolls, my skin is exceptionally spot prone and my bum does not resemble an overly ripe peach. But I’m learning to love every curve, edge and roll of me because I am a woman and I am beautiful, inside and out.

On that point, I think we all sort of know our ‘happy shape’ and it’s about knowing your individual body and doing what makes you feel confident. Personally, I didn’t feel confident when I was a size 14, I felt it didn’t suit my athletic desires and it felt out of character. I felt similarly uncomfortable when I slimmed down to a size 6, I felt frail and not my strong, curvy self. I now sit at a much more comfortable and confident size 10, I embrace my curves and love my strong muscles. Find the body that you feel confident and powerful in, not what shape or size anyone else dictates you should be. 

The Loose Women recently stripped nude to show what a panel of real, normal women looked like and I think that is a) incredibly brave (it’s not easy to put yourself in such a vulnerable position in front of a very critical public eye) and b) applaudable. Not everybody we see in adverts needs to be a beautiful hourglass figure sized between sizes 4-10. Not every pair of breasts needs to be perky and stretch mark free and not every bottom needs to be large and voluptuous. Not every beautiful body looks the same and that is wonderful as we don’t have to strive to look only one way.

If you struggle to feel beautiful than I challenge you to this little exercise. Pick a friend, and tell them 3 beautiful things you like about them (a mixture of physical and non-physical would be great!), then get them to do the same back. When you receive your compliment, don’t immediately bat it away in disgust; accept it, absorb it, believe it and embrace it. Because we are all beautiful and we all deserve to feel it!

Thank you Dove for letting me be a part of this fantastic campaign, I already know that it’ll warm hearts and light fires in so many others like it has done for me. In the wise words of John Legend “Love your curves and all your edges. All your perfect imperfections.”

I’d love to hear your thoughts on Dove’s #RealBeauty campaign and the new Limited Edition Body Washes. As usual please feel free to leave a comment below or a comment/message on my Instagram. If you’re in a low place and struggling with self-esteem/confidence, please also know that any of you can always reach out to me, I’m always willing to help in any way that I can*.

(*Disclaimer: I’m not a professional and should not be used in place of medical help).


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