From Fat to Fit: My Guide to Protein World

I have a really cool relationship with Protein World, I’m not a sponsored athlete that is paid hundreds to read a script that endorses their products, I’m just a former chunky monkey with such a passion for their products that they’ve taken me under their wing and helped me along my journey. This blog is to tell you a little more about my experience of protein World and talk you through the products I use and love!

Back in September 2014 I weighed about 17kg more, I was desperately unconfident and hated the way I looked and felt. A friend recommended Protein World to me and I jumped at the chance to kick start my weight loss. The products were delicious and the team were so encouraging of my weight loss and fitness goals, it really triggered a permanent healthy lifestyle change in me.

Fast forward 12-18 months, I’d shed that excess 17kg and was so happy with how my fitness journey was going. I’d started blogging to help and inspire others and Protein World were still supporting me every step of the way. They eve invited me along to do a bikini photoshoot to show off my transformation, it was the most glamorous day of my life and something I never would’ve dreamed of doing a year previous!

Over my time with Protein World, they’ve evolved from a weight loss brand (please can we forgive and forget the ‘beach body ready’ campaign now? They’ve moved on!) to an all-round health, fitness and lifestyle brand. They continue to surprise and delight me with the products they, feeding all aspects of my life as a young, health and wellness conscious female. (There’s also the Super Man collection so no gender discrimination here!).

From the slender blend, my favourite protein shake, to the peanut butter and porridge, I use so many of the Protein World products as part of my day to day healthy life. I feel like Protein World do so many amazing products that not everyone knows about, knows how to use or what they do, so below is a run-down of my favourite PW gems! This list isn’t exclusive and there are so many more products on their website.

Slender Blend
This is by far my favourite product of all the Protein World products. It’s a whey protein product (sorry vegans….but see my next product review!) with no added sugar, 24g of protein and less than 150 calories per shake. It also has lots of extra goodness packed in such as Green Tea & Guarana and vitamins B6 & B12 which maximises weight loss and reduces fatigue.

When I was first starting my fitness journey and had a good 15kg to lose, I would use the shake as a meal replacement for breakfast, mixed with 400ml of almond milk, it gave me plenty of energy and kept me feeling surprisingly full! Nowadays, my fitness goals are more focused on weight maintenance and muscle gaining/toning so I’ll always have a shake post workout and also add it to smoothies and recipes. It still makes for a great on the go breakfast too.

My favourite flavours in order are: chocolate, cinnamon swirl (heaven!), salted caramel, vanilla then strawberry. There’s also a banana, chocolate mint and naked flavour which I am yet to try but am assured tastes delicious!

Vegan Slender Blend
So I’m not a real vegan, just a pretend vegan sometimes because my stomach can be quite sensitive and when it flares up I’ll try to strip back my diet a lot. This vegan collection tastes just as good as the normal slender blend but is a pea protein so contains no lactose.

This shake has a huge 30g of protein per shake and is available in chocolate and vanilla – both are fab!

Slender Porridge
This stuff is the best and I cannot recommend it enough. Proats (protein oats) are my go to breakfast on high carb day and post-resistance workout refuel. They’re so easy to make (a couple of scoops, a splash of milk and 30 seconds in the microwave!) which is super handy and it tastes fab. I am a bit of a chocolate fiend and I can definitely vouch that the chocolate flavour is amazing!!! It’s also available in Vanilla and Golden Syrup (OMG!).

Coconut Oil
If you haven’t heard of coconut oil then you may have just emerged from under a large rock. It is the new go to oil! As well as being great in cakes and stir-fry’s, it’s also fab as a hair mask, a face mask, a moisturiser, a hand cream….it’s so great! Top tip from @allyyfreeman add a bit to your bath for silky smooth skin before fake tanning!

The Slender Tea
I am fundamentally against ‘teatoxes’ like Bootea that only make you ‘lose weight’ because they have laxatives in that essentially make you cr*p away the pounds. That’s not healthy at all and laxative abuse for weight loss can even be an eating disorder so steer clear of those! Protein World teatox does not have any of those nasties in, just natural goodness to give you energy and speed up your metabolism.

Green Tea & Black Pepper – The Metabolism Boosters. Yerba Mate – The Fat Blocker. Peppermint & Nettle Leaf – The Anti-Bloaters. Dandelion -The Water Retention Removers. Cassia Bark & Liquorice – The Craving Cutters. Fennel Seed – The Powerful Antioxidant. As well as all of that goodness, it genuinely tastes really good (I love herbal tea!).

I have a tea in the morning and afternoon to give me some pep in my step at work.

These are another great source of vegan protein! I take these just before and during a tough workout as it helps prevent muscle breakdown, enhances fat burning and increases focus. These are especially great to take if you’re on a fat loss mission and doing fasted cardio in the mornings.

The summer fruits flavour is genuinely delicious, I like to mix mine half with water and half with a low sugar cranberry juice or cordial. Some BCAAs can taste really bitter (blue lemonade, pink cherryade, wicked watermelon etc.) but the summer fruits is a nice, light, fruity flavour.

Peanut Butter
Ohmygosh – I am a complete nut butter addict. It goes on toast, in porridge, in baking, on a spoon straight out of the tub….so any nut butter is a 10/10 in my books but this one is especially great. It’s got absolutely no nasties, no added salted or palm oil or anything, like some other brands and it has an added sprinkle of chia and flax seed for extra health benefits! It’s high in Omega-3, protein and good fats – the perfect breakfast addition. (Small watch out: the tub is huge…do not get carried away and eat it all in one go, as tempting as that might be hahaa!)

Collagen Beauty Blend
I didn’t really understand this collection when it first came out (collagen is what you inject in your face right?! Where is this stuff going!). Fear not, it is a powder that’s mixed with water to make a delicious shake just like the slender blend. It’s got Vitamin C, Zinc, Biotin, Iodine and Copper in which promotes healthy hair, skin and nails. My hair is pretty thin naturally but I’ve seen a real difference since starting to add this collagen collection in to my daily routine.

I’ll add a scoop to fruit smoothies for extra deliciousness or just have a little shake on its own when I fancy something sweet during the day (its raspberry flavoured!). This also comes in capsule and slender blend form too.

The Superfood Collection
There are three fab little products within this – the bursting berries, super seeds and vital veggies blends. They’re all great in their own way and just add a little extra nutrients to your diet. I find the super seeds blend is perfect for sprinkling over porridge and adding to baking recipes (breads, cakes etc.). I love the bursting berries and vital veggies blends for smoothies above all. They’re not an overpowering flavour but so good for getting that much needed vitamin hit in to the diet.

Carb blocker
I would never preach that you need to cut carbs out of your diet or anything like that because health is all about balance. But also, if there’s a little supplement that is going to help me not wake up feeling so bloated and cr*p after eating a giant pizza…I’m not going to say no to that!

It’s a blend of natural ingredients white kidney bean extract and Garcinia Cambogia. It helps to prevent the breakdown of carbs in to sugar meaning less will get stored in the body as fat. It sounds like a miracle capsule (it kind of is) but just don’t get carried away and take too often or more than the recommended dose! And, as all of these products, make sure you’re using as part of a healthy balanced diet!

If you’re going to buy one tablet supplement, I’d recommend CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid). It’s a natural source of protein, often found in food sources like meat and dairy, that helps the body increase metabolic rate, boosts the immune system and keeps cholesterol levels in check. It’s especially great for vegans who maybe don’t get as much in their natural diet.

I always keep a jar in my handbag and take one capsule before breakfast lunch and dinner. It’s been a huge help for reducing cellulite!

30 Day Challenge
An extra shout out to the 30 day challenge – it consists of the key products for weight loss (slender blend, slender porridge, hunger busters and fat metabolisers) and gives you an awesome meal plan with recipe inspo and a workout guide. I’d thoroughly recommend it if you’re new to exercise or you lack structure or inspiration.

Thanks for reading my Protein World story. If you have any questions on my weight loss, fitness or any of the products, please feel free to drop me an email on or DM me on Instagram @indigoalicefit – lots of love ❤

3 thoughts on “From Fat to Fit: My Guide to Protein World

  1. Sam says:

    Did you find the consistency of the Vegan Slender blend was different to the normal Slender Blend? Im finding mine tasting quite powdery and wondering whether thats normal!


    • indigoalicefit says:

      Hi Sam! Thanks for reading my post 🙂 In my experience most vegan proteins are a degree more ‘powdery’ than whey protein – Protein World included. If you’re mixing with water, perhaps you could try it with an almond or coconut milk? I usually find that makes it a little creamier tasting. I usually add a little bit more almond milk than suggested (450-500ml) for a vegan protein! I hope that helps 🙂


  2. Kamilla says:

    The CLA capsules are not vegan, you should point that out when recommending it to vegans (I’m guessing gelatine). The powder version is marked vegan.

    Does the vegan slender blend really tastes just as good as the normal slender blend? I loved the regular one, but I hated another brand of pea protein. Do you taste the peas a lot? Or does the other taste cover it up? (Most interested in the chocolate version)


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