The Tasty Games – London Fitness Review

In a bid to try new things, meet new people and make 2017 my most exciting year yet, I spent one Sunday signing up to every Fitness event I could squeeze in to my diary and one of those was The Tasty Games, a London-based health event for food and fitness fanatics.

In the early hours of Sunday 19th of February I met my friend and lifestyle blogger Maddie (Mess With Maddie) outside of Topshop on Oxford Street. Fortunately it was too early for any shops to be open so I was not tempted to buy more active wear – Ivy Park, I need you in my life! We made our way over to Q Park in Cavendish Square where we spent 15 minutes running round trying to find our way in to the underground car park (feedback: more signs needed for 2018).

Once we found our way in, guided by the booming bass from below, we were greeted by a row of friendly faces trying to lure us into their mini fitness classes. We headed over to the sign up area to find out the deal: try as many or as few of the fitness classes on offer but do a minimum of four to qualify for free food (my two favourite F words). We scouted out the classes and decided that 4 was enough (it’s a Sunday after all) and we wanted to do a mixture of hardcore and unique classes. This is what we tried:


Our first class was one of the more ‘unique’ fitness offerings, it was essentially games you would play as a 7 year old; dodgeball, tag, stuck in the mud, bulldog. It sounds an odd offering but it was actually so much fun! Maddie and I joined two new friends (Maddie and her bro) and we got seriously competitive but laughed the whole way through. Overall: good fun, a laugh, got quite out of breath sprinting around but not too taxing.

Twenty Two Training
This looked to be one of the more challenging classes on offer. A resistance band workout that promised to hit the glutes hard, a promise it definitely delivered on! Even in just twenty minutes, my butt and leg muscles were on fire, it was much more cardiovascular than expected too! The instructors were fun and encouraging but there was minimal interaction between you and others in the class. Overall: a little bit more serious but a lot more taxing. I’d go back for the glutes growing for sure!


Hula Fit
THIS WAS MY FAVOURITE PART ABOUT THE ENTIRE DAY!!! I was originally nervous because all my life I’ve never been able to hulahoop, I thought I was going to need special care. But actually, I’ve just been using the wrong hoop all along! Hula Fit provided us with big, heavy hoops that were so easy to use. We did hula hooping, hula twerking, hula thrusting, hula walking, hula tricks – it was AMAZING! I even managed a number of selfies, videos and boomerangs WHILST hulahooping. Overall: I laughed literally the entire time it was so fun, but I could also really feel my core working and I left dripping with sweat. I will definitely be going back.

The Refinery E9
We’d already workout out pretty hard by this point but we wanted to end on a high and earn our free food. The Refinery was a tabata style workout, 20 seconds of all out intensity followed by 10 seconds of rest. We did burpees, sprints, planks, med-ball slams, squat jumps and what felt like hundred of exercises in that 20 minutes but the tabata style and instructor was so great for getting us to give 100%. We finished with some very sweaty and out of breath high fives. Overall: A serious workout, not for the faint hearted. This felt like the best calorie burner and I’d definitely go back to burn some more Kcals!

After working out hard, we headed over to the chill out zone for a stretch, a sit down and some free food.


The Good Yard

The Good Yard was there with some very friendly staff offering free porridge! Porridge with chia seeds, gingerbread whey protein, blueberries, honey and Meridian peanut butter. It was AMAZING. It was filling but not too much and it really satisfied my sweet tooth. Looking at the menu online, I literally cannot wait to visit their restaurant for a hot halloumi salad!

Island Poke

Okay, so the guy serving at this station was not very pleasant and that was really off-putting and I hadn’t tried Hawain Poke before so I wasn’t feeling very optimistic. The food was absolutely delicious though! A sticky rice with salmon, mango, edamame, crispy onion and some extra little bits of seasoning. It was so, so yummy and I really wanted to go back for more but I didn’t want to face the guy serving again hahaa! I’d love to try the real restaurant in Soho and make a proper meal for it!

Overall, The Tasty Games was an amazing event and I’m already looking forward to 2017! I’d definitely go back to most of the fitness classes I tried and those that I probably wouldn’t go back to, I’m still glad I tried them!

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