Missfits Nutrition Protein Review

I came across Missfits Nutrition at a 1Rebel Event they were hosting and I really loved what they were about; Natural lean pea protein that’s gluten free, GMO free, dairy free, no added sugar and under 80 calories.

Missfits Nutrition kindly sent me a few sachets of their Multitasker range in all flavours (chocolate, vanilla, coffee and mixed berry) as I tried the chocolate at the event and was keen to try more! I’m normally a Protein World protein kind of girl but I have quite a sensitive stomach so when I’m having a flair up I try to really strip back my diet to be as natural possible, and that’s where Missfits comes in to its own.

Missfits Nutrition #multitasker range comes in these handy little 25g sachets, to be mixed with 300ml of water or milk (I tried mine with almond milk). They’re great for after a workout or a protein boost at the end of a hard day.


I did a taste test with all the flavours (and Papa Hull) to rank and provide honest feedback on the range. I hope it’s useful!

#2 Mixed Berry
This one came out on top because it really tasted like sweet, delicious berries. I have a real sweet tooth so this was perfect for me. It mixed well with the milk and was really easy to drink. If you’re not one for very sweet shakes, maybe this one isn’t for you but I think it’s make a great guilt-free treat at the end of the day or after dinner when I’m craving something sweet.


#2 Coffee
I don’t drink coffee normally as I try to avoid too much coffee since my heart surgeries a couple years ago. I absolutely love the smell of coffee but I’ve never tried a coffee protein before. The smell of this Coffee protein was absolutely amazing, like a Frappuccino straight from Starbucks. It actually tasted just like a Frappuccino too, so yummy! A sachet of this stuff has about 3/4 of an espresso worth of caffeine in so maybe not for a late night snack but good if you’re after a bit more of a buzz!


#3 Vanilla
I’ve always liked vanilla and chocolate protein, it’s a safe go to flavour for me, but I actually much preferred the alternative flavours for Missfits. The vanilla tasted just like normal vanilla but perhaps a little grainier than the others? It visibly had little flecks of vanilla in so that made the flavour really strong but I’d probably add a touch more milk or water than suggested to thin it out a little! It’s hard to love because I drink the Protein World Vanilla shakes so often and they are my favourites!


#4 Chocolate
Chocolate for me is a really hit or miss flavour. I felt that this one tasted much more like a natural cacao or cocoa flavour and less like a traditional (potentially more synthetic) chocolate flavour. I think if you go in with an open mind on this one that it’s not going to taste like Diary Milk then it’s actually fine, it tastes natural and not too sweet. Unfortunately, I love chocolate and have an incredibly sweet tooth so this one was a little bit of a disappointment for me. Again, I drink the Protein World chocolate slender blend so often and that is super chocolatey, so it’s hard to compare! For those a bit more cacao than Cadbury’s, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it haha!


What’s in the Multitasker Range?
Pea Protein: 
All 9 essential amino acids needed for muscle repair without the bloating side effects of some dairy based proteins.
Glutamine: compliments pea protein and speeds up recovery
Vitamin B12 & Green Tea Extract: gives an energy boost and reduces tiredness and fatigue
Zinc & Bamboo Extract: rejuvenates skin hair & nails
Digestive Enzymes, Probiotics & Flax Seed Powder: good for your guts and aids digestion

The Multitasker Ranger can be purchased online on the Misfits Nutrition website. I hope this was useful! Let me know if you try any of these proteins, I’d love to know which your favourite’s were!

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