Bounce X Twice The Health X 1Rebel Review

On Tuesday 7th February I went to the Bounce X Twice The Health X 1Rebel and had the most amazing time at. Tickets sold out pretty quickly (I was lucky enough to win 2 tickets) so I’ve written a review to let those who couldn’t go know what it was like and what they can look forward to for next time.

So the other week I was just browsing through my Twitter Feed (you can follow me on Twitter here) and I saw a post from @Bounce_UK about a competition. I am ALWAYS one to try my luck so I replied and entered. Literally 15 minutes later I recieved a DM  back to say that I had won (yippee!).

II has won two tickets to the Bounce X Twice The Health event at 1Rebel and I was BUZZING! I immediately messaged my friend Maddie (aka Lifestyle blogger Mess With Maddie) who was equally excited to be my +1.

I’d had my first experience with 1Rebel a few weeks ago at the Missfits Nutrition and Rhiannon Lambert Nutrition event and absolutely loved it! The workout was super high energy and the atmosphere was amazing so I was super keen to get back in the studio ASAP.

This events workout was another hardcore HiiT class taken by Twice The Health (TTH). It was full of sprints, incline running, burpees and bicep curls. It was a TTH version of the reshape class so super tough and my arms were completely exhausted by the end of it. But the atmosphere was so great and the girls cheering us on was really motivating so the class felt to whizz by. Before I knew it, I was lying on my back in a puddle of sweat having a stretch and a cool down.


Weirdly enough, I’d been a TTH follower from their very early days because I went to college with Hannah. Although we weren’t close or anything like that, we shared mutual friends and I heard about her blog though that. I remember thinking that a fitness blog was so cool and totally up my street  and something I’d really like to follow and do for myself (except I waited like 2 years to start my blog….note to self kids: if you really want to do something, don’t put it off until tomorrow, seize the day, carpe diem, lean in etc, etc!)

Anyway, Hannah and Emily were so lovely, I tweeted/Instagrammed my excitement on the day and they were really kind to reply and say they were looking forward to meeting me. Before the class they were really bubbly and welcoming and it really added to the excitement and atmosphere. Leading the class, they had a firm but encouraging style. They were loud and fun and powered through mic technical difficulties like pros.

After the workout, they hung around to be in selfies and boomerangs and eat snacks. I went to chat with Hannah after the class, to talk about our friend Will and I picked her brain about blogging and fitness and she very kindly offered to meet with me another time and offer some insight and advice ❤


Bounce balls have been around for ages and they are a staple in my protein bar repetoire! The peanut and almond balls have the best macros but I was really intrigued to try their new ‘Protein Burst’ Lemon and Coconut and Cacao and Orange balls – they sound like buzzwords for delicious, superfoods so I wasn’t sure how they’d taste but they actually do taste as good as they sound!

The Cacao and Orange is a really interesting flavour combination. It’s sweet, tangy, zesty and a little salty too. Beware: they’re super addictive! I’m desperately trying not to eat the whole box. I gave some to my work colleagues who said they were very different to any bar they’d had before but I think that’s a good thing, everything needs a unique selling point nowadays.


Thanks also to bounce for the amazing goodybags; lots of Bounce treats, some Sweaty Betty Pilates socks and this delicious Maple Water!

Overall this was SUCH an amazing event! I would thoroughly recommend a 1Rebel class, a bounce ball treat or a chance to meet the Twice The Health girls to anyone.


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