Top Tips for Healthy Living on a Budget!

A lot of people ask me about how I have the time or money to live healthy and lose weight. Although a salad can be a lot more expensive than a cheeseburger, there are definitely ways to save pennies, fit health in to your busy schedule and lose weight!

This blog post is focused on the ‘I don’t have the money’ barrier, my next blog post will address the ‘I don’t have the time’ barrier! Below are my top tips for being healthy on a budget.

1. Avoid your morning stop in Starbucks. A frothy latte will set you back around £2-3 a go and as much as 300 calories. Invest in a cute thermos flask (like this one) and make yourself a green or herbal tea (like these) before you leave for work!

2. Strip back on fancy gym classes and personal training. Yes, 1Rebel is AMAZING but the cost can really add up! Try following free apps such as Emily Skye’s Daily Workout or 7 MWC. There are also great tutorial videos on YouTube; I love Zoe Rodriguez and Lyzabeth Lopes.

3. Make your own protein bars. I love Grenade Bars and Meridian Bars but the expense can add up. have so many protein bar recipes, they’re relatively easy to make and you can make a whole bunch at once to last you a while. I have a couple recipes on my Instagram for Coco-Nutty Protein Balls and Peanut Butter Protein Bars.

4.  Swap public transport for walking/running/cycling your commute. Okay, if you live in Wimbledon and you commute to Hampton, it’s probably not viable to walk to work….but you could try getting off a stop or two earlier or running the last 5km of your journey home!

5. Lay off the Booze. This one might be tougher for some but when you consider that a beer in London will set you back a fiver AND 200 calories, that might make the decision to choose a non alcoholic beverage a little easier! If you can’t ditch the drink, try and make every other drink a glass of water, your hangover and your purse will thank you!

6. Pack your lunches. Yes, this might feel like you’re back in primary school, but you’ll have more control over exactly what you’re eating and how much you’re spending. Shop/Cafe bought sandwiches often have a lot of calories in the dressings they use. If you make lunches at home, you can buy a whole load of healthy bread and opt for a lighter dressing instead.

7. Bulk batch and freeze dinner meals. On a sunday I’ll make a huge batch of vegetable packed soups or Quorn chilli. I’ll split them out and freeze them in tupperware/freezer bags. That way I’ve always got a healthy, nutritious and quick lunch or dinner at hand which will save me from getting tempted by a Deliveroo when I’m too tired to cook!

8. Stick to tap water. My parents are straight up Diet Coke addicts…..their fridge is STACKED with cans of it, it’s insane! The amount of money they spend on cases of fizzy drinks is so unbelievably out of my budget. I try to stick to drinking water the majority of the time because it’s free, it’s good for you and it can easily be jazzed up with a slice of lemon or cucumber!

9. Try flexitarian. Okay, this is probably easier said coming from me as I’m a vegetarian so please don’t take this as me preaching! But if you try a #MeatFreeMonday or switching to Quorn, it can be cheaper than meat and full of good proteins and low in saturated fat.

10. Ditch faddy juice diets/detox’s. I will not lie and say I’ve never tried a faddy diet/detox because I most definitely have. Back when I was a chunky monkey I was desperate to lose weight overnight and without any effort. Juice cleanses and detox teas that cost £30 a day and promise dramatic weight loss probably are going to contribute to more ‘£ loss’ rather than ‘lb loss’ – stick to the basics, healthy eating exercise, and save your money!

Hopefully my money saving health tips will show that you don’t have to be a wealthy, Notting-Hill, Barry’s Bootcamp regular to be a fit and healthy person! Let me know if you try any out! @indigoalicefit

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