Beat the Boxing Day Blues

Beating the Boxing Day Blues….

I am a strong advocate of treating yo’self, and no day is better to do that than Christmas Day! I enjoyed a roast dinner, lots of chocolate and some wine and I didn’t think once about the calories or macros because….it’s Christmas!

If you are feeling guilty or like you need to burn off every calorie, please don’t! It was one AMAZING day that will not ruin all of your progress. Look back on yesterday with a big smile and head in to today with determination, positivity and self-love.

.In past I have woken up on Boxing Day and become a regretful, sloth-like chocolate-gorging lump until New Year’s Eve and then sulked because I looked puffy in the dress that definitely fit me 10 days ago…..this year, I’m doing things a little differently and plan to spend the run up to 2017 in a positive, happy way!

Below are a few of my tips on how to beat the post-Christmas bloat and the blues, I hope at least some of them are doable/useful!


1. Drink all the water!

Seriously, drinking water makes you feel like a Goddess. It’ll flush all the bad stuff out of your body and leave you feeling bloat-free and rejuvenated.

2. Drink some herbal tea

I would recommend green or peppermint tea. These help with metabolism and digestion respectively – both great things to help you get rid of that sluggish feeling.

3. Steer clear of too much caffeine

I don’t drink coffee anyway but too much caffeine can encourage water retention and encourage gas production…..nice.

4. Avoid overly salty/rich foods

Similar story for salt, it encourages water retention which contributes to that undesirable bloated look and feel.

5. Don’t skip meals

It might be really tempting to think ‘oh my gosh, I look so fat, I’m never eating again’ but this is a totally unhealthy approach! Eating will help to ‘move everything along’ which will in turn help you to feel less bloated. Also, not eating puts you at greater risk of heart burn which is uncomfortable.

6. Eat little and often

Give your digestive system a rest and try small healthy meals and snacks often (like 5-6 times a day!). It might seem like a lot but you’re less likely to over-eat and it won’t put you in that sleepy food coma state that so often comes with Boxing Day.

7. Eat food that is fresh

This one is almost self explanatory but a fresh salad, some ripe fruit and lean protein will help you feel gloriously healthy, like that entire box of Fererro Rochers you ate never even happened….

8. Do something active

First thing this morning I got up and did 90 minutes of Bikram Yoga. It was tough and sweaty but also calming and gentle, exactly what I wanted after a heavy Christmas the day before! Being active doesn’t mean a super tough workout though, you could go for a walk, kick a football around or even hit the Boxing Day sales (carrying bags and dodging crowds definitely counts as cardio)!!

9. Do something that makes you feel positive

Again, this is completely subjective! I did yoga but it doesn’t have to be active. You could call a friend, meditate, paint, read a book, watch a documentary….whatever makes you feel positive and energised.

10. Get some fresh air

Granted, sometimes England can be pretty miserable but wherever you are in the world and whatever the weather is like, take a couple of minutes to breathe some fresh air and enjoy the earth around you. If you live in the middle of a busy city, try to find a nearby park or a high window?

11. Spend time with people who make you happy

This for me is my nan and granddad, they are hands down the best people on the planet and I love them with all my heart. I’m also lucky enough to live with them so it’s quite easy for me to hang out with them today!! But whoever it is who makes you happy, give them a call, a FaceTime, a visit, a cuddle….whatever you do, I guarantee it’ll put a smile on your face.

12. Get enough rest

I love to sleep so this is a big one for me. It can be really tempting when you get in to a bit of a lazy slump to sit up until 2am watching Family Guy repeats that you’ve seen 100 times before but if you can switch off a little earlier and get 8 hours in, I’ll guarantee you feel better for it in the morning!

I hope that was helpful(ish) and I hope you all had a very merry Christmas and have a healthy prosperous New Year!

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