My Pledge to be Real

In a world full of Face Tune, Photoshop and Face Fix, it can be really hard to be body confident.

However, I am confident that I can lift and carry my 6 year old nephew on my shoulders. I am confident that I can teach a 2 hour kickboxing class to over 30 people, I am confident that I can smile and cuddle a downcast friend until they feel better. And I think all of those things are much more important than any cellulite, stretch marks and eye bags I may have. I am confident in me.

That’s why I’m not only behind, I’m positively thrilled to support the Be Real Body Image Pledge supported by Dove.


This isn’t about hunting down and hating the media who Photoshop their models but accepting and celebrating the real. Nobody is perfect, not even those perfect looking models on billboards, so it’s time to love and celebrate every inch of our real selves.

I had a tough time when I was a late teen, I was a bit chubby, a bit spotty and really struggled with my body image and anxiety. I remember so desperately wishing I was thinner/more tanned/prettier, there was so much about myself that I wanted to change. I remember when I struggled to fall asleep, instead of counting sheep, I’d go from head to toe thinking about what celebrity body party I’d want….’Cameron Diaz’s arms, J-Lo’s bum…’, it is crazy to me now to think my self-esteem was that low!

If I could go back to my younger self or anyone who’s currently struggling to accept themselves, I would say focus on the good. You have so many strengths, so many talents, so much beauty and so much going for you. Victoria Secret’s models probably have insecurities too! Probably just as many considering they’re being told they’re ‘imperfect’ and being Photoshopped every other day!

Losing weight was only a small part of my healthy journey, a big part of it was getting comfortable with myself. Yes, I am stronger, faster, thinner, fitter than before, but I am also more confident, more accepting and more loving towards myself and that is way more important.

So take a look at the below website for some more information and please celebrate your realness! Because nobody is perfect, we are all just real, fabulous people!


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