IndigoAliceFit – who am I?

I’m Indigo Hull, a Hampshire/London based fitness enthusiast. I want this blog to be an honest, un-biased, stripped back view on health, fitness, food, fashion and travel. I want to share my healthy journey with you and inspire and motivate in everything I write, whether that’s a unique recipe, a killer workout or a beautiful place to visit.

My experience of the sport, health and fitness industry has been varied. I excelled at sports from a young age, becoming an accomplished martial artist and golfer and a well-rounded athlete. I took my love of sports in to my studies, completing a BSc in Exercise and Sport Science at Exeter University and then an MSc in Sport Business Management at Sheffield Hallam.

Somewhere in there, I suffered from an undiagnosed fatigue disorder, gained quite a bit of weight, had two heart surgeries and struggled with my mental health but I’m now 17kg down, ticking along just nicely and overall in a better place. I hope that my experiences and resilience allow me to blog in a helpful way, sharing lessons, advice and practical tips to help you live your best life.

I now work in marketing for Unilever and am studying a PGDip in Content Marketing. I am close with my family, friends and significant other of 2 years and I enjoy trying new workouts, new food and new experiences. Life is busy and exciting but I’m looking forward to blogging all about it. If you want to collaborate or work with me, please feel free to get in touch.

Enjoy x


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