Chocolate: Finding Balance and Finding the Best

If you’re a chocolate fiend worrying about the prospect of giving up the sweet stuff in order to lose weight, this one’s for you!

As many of you have probably noticed, I love sweet food, sweet food, however, do not love my waist line….so I’m always looking for healthy and delicious alternatives. Chocolate keeps me sane but Dark Chocolate keeps me in shape! So I’ve done some research on why chocolate can be good for you and have made some recommendations on what and how to consume it as part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle so you can go straight to the best bar and enjoy!

Firstly, the reasons why you can definitely include Dark Chocolate in your healthy diet:

  1. It is very nutritious. It’s got high levels of Iron, Magnesium, Copper and Fibre. It’s basically a big multi-vit!
  2. It’s full of Anti-Oxidants. And they’re good for your skin, your heart, your veins etc. etc.
  3. It lowers your blood pressure. So if you’re feeling stressed because you want chocolate, have some dark chocolate.
  4. It improves your brain function. DARK CHOCOLATE MAKES YOU SMART basically…..
  5. It boosts your mood. Eating dark chocolate causes a release of endorphins and serotonin which acts as a literal anti-depressant!
  6. It is delicious. It goes well with porridge, pancakes, in a drink, on its own…the possibilities are endless.

Secondly, my chocolate advice: keep your chocolate dark, delicious and in moderation! I gave up chocolate for two years (!!) and went mad on the stuff after I started eating it again. I don’t recommend such extremes; don’t binge, don’t restrict, just enjoy in moderation and you’ll be happier and better of for it!

Thirdly, my recommendation on what bar’s best: I started my search for the best dark chocolate by asking the omniscient Google for suggestions, of which I narrowed it down to four 70% Dark Chocolates:

Green & Black’s | Lindt | Bourneville | Tesco Finest


Overall Winner:
Green & Black’s – the least sugar, delicious and Fair Trade too, it was an obvious choice!

Green & Black’s – Lindt was also pretty good but not quite as creamy tasting! Tesco Finest also wasn’t bad but Bourneville tasted very sugary and fake.

Lowest Sugar:
Green & Black’s – to be fair, it was pretty close between G&B, Lindt and Tesco Finest but Bourneville has almost double the amount of sugar per gram!!!

Ethical Choice:
Green & Black’s – Organic and Fair Trade written front of pack!

Value for Money:
Bourneville – a bigger bar coming in at mere £1.12/100g.

Lindt – now I don’t know actual distribution statistics or anything like that but I found it easier to find a store with Lindt than any of the others!

The moral of the story is, if you’re craving some chocolate but don’t want to break your diet, pick up some Green & Black’s. I tried the 70% Dark Chocolate but they do so many other variants too: 85%, Milk, White, Ginger, Sea Salt, Mint, Butterscotch…..whichever you pick, enjoy!


p.s. opinions and recommendations are my own. Health benefits of chocolate have been widely researched and more findings can be found online.


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